By Shallalla

There’s a German song that goes something like this:

A day so beautiful as this one
Such a day should never end.

It’s pretty popular among soccer fans when their team is on the winning side.

I was seven, maybe eight years old, sitting in the back seat of my parent’s car, when that song came up on the radio. I belted along, not a care in the world. I was happy.

It only lasted for a moment.

My mother switched off the radio, turned around, and yelled at me.

“How dare you say that this early in the day? It’s not even midday! Who knows what’ll happen! Shut up! Imagine if someone dies today! How bad will you feel for singing that song!”

Not only did I shut up, but I also made a mental note that read: “Joy is dangerous.” It sounded like there was a connection, cause and effect. If you’re happy, something terrible will happen.

I lived according to that belief for more than three decades. Between you and I: It’s not a fun way to live.

The moment I broke through that hypothesis is as vivid as the memory from the backseat of that wine-red Toyota Corolla. I worked my way through group therapy, schema therapy, to be precise.

My insides were on fire. A migraine warmed up behind my eyes, threatening to knock me out any moment.

I expected brain hemorrhage but what I got was a significant light bulb moment.

Are you ready for this?

Bad stuff happens regardless of how I feel.

I can’t prevent people from becoming sick (or even dying) by keeping joy out of my life. Heck, I am going to die, no matter how much bliss I reject.

And not just that. Looking at one of my favorite authors, Dr. Joe Dispenza, it seems my chances to stay healthy are actually higher the happier I am!

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I want you to be happy.

I want you to be living, breathing, contagious joy that affects every life you touch.

It’s my vision for you to inspire the universe.

The last one and a half years took their toll on me and my ability to experience joy. It crept in slowly. When I noticed it, I decided to fight for my happiness. To seek out delight every single day.

What gives you joy? What makes you happy? If you feel like sharing, please drop me a line.

I opted for something drastic. Actually, not “something,” someones. They are moving in with me this weekend.

Guess what I will be singing all day long?

Much love,