Hi. I am Shallalla. I am your Creativity Coach.​

Sharlene Anders, better known as Shallalla, is a devoted creativity coach and transmedia artist. Sharlene has 20 years of experience in writing, directing and producing, making her a rare resourceful gem for artists of all crafts. Her passionate coaching journey started a while ago, inspired by a need to unblock creatives and help them create great art. Before embarking on her journey of becoming the best creativity coach artists would run to, Sharlene had held different positions which was followed by spending two years in an ashram to reset her life.

Driven by her mission to help artists crush blocks,  create healthy finances and feel accomplished, Shallalla integrates empathy and practical philosophy acquired overtime. She hosts virtual summits, the most recent being The Power of Solitude, aimed at banking on the subtle power of solitude to heal an artist’s relationship with themselves.

Although she lives in Germany, Shallalla is an international creativity coach with a global presence. She’s passionate about distorted vocals, distorted guitars and building transmedia fantasy universes.


Visit my YouTube channel for reactions to some of my favorite artists, making meaning instead of searching for it, and lots of other things related to living a creative life.

Feel free to send an email to hello@iamshallalla.com for any related questions. Much love!

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